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Servicing your Bike

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About bike servicing

It is important that you keep your bike well maintained, so that it
• ensures that your components last longer
• performs at its best
• is a pleasure to ride

Some maintenance can be carried out at home with a workstand and the right tools and there are maintenance 'podcasts' at the bottom of the page to help you, particularly to change an inner tube or tyre. All of our mechanics are trained to the highest standards with Cytech qualifications. We can open at 8am during the week to enable you to get your bike in before you go to work and close at 8pm to give you plenty of time to collect your bike after work.

3 Services in Year 1 - Free of charge

During the first few weeks of riding, parts of the bike may work their way loose or move out of alignment. This can lead to reduced performance and possible undue wear, hence there is free service during the early weeks. This service is actaully a free basic service. In fact, there are 3 free services in the first year which give us the opportunity to guarantee the smooth running of your bike and cover any warranty issues should they arise.

Types of Service

There are two types of service, basic and advanced service. The basic service is a general check-over and, depending on use, is carried out as and when you feel performance has degraded. The enhanced service is a complete overhaul and involves stripping your bike down to the frame and its components - see below.

Suspension Servicing

Suspension servicing should be carried out regularly depending on use

Other Servicing

Finally other servicing ranges from wheel building to puncture repair fitting a cycle accessory

Workshop price list

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Basic Service £30.00*

Recommended at least once per year, depending on use

Frame & Forks
• Wiped down and checked for alignment

• Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
• Bearings checked for free movement and adjusted (if applicable)
• Wheels trued and spokes retensioned

• Tyres and sidewalls checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure

• Checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary

Bottom Bracket
• Checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary

• Checked and tightened to correct torque

Drive Train (chainset, derailleurs, chain and cassette/block)
• Removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated

• Checked for effective operation and adjusted
*Excludes cost of parts

Possible Basic Service Extras

Prices applicable when booked with a Basic Service only

• FREE - Fitting single cable See 'podcast' £5.00* - Fitting one cable set See 'podcast'
• £16.00* - Fitting all cable sets
• £ 5.00* - Tyre fitting (each)
• £15.00* - Bottom Bracket fitting
• £15.00* - Headset fitting
• £10.00* - Hub servicing (each)
• £16.00* - Hub servicing (pair)
• £12.50* - Disc brake bleeding (each)
• £20.00* - Disc brake bleeding (pair)
*Excludes cost of parts

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Advanced Service £75.00*

Full strip down to frame and forks. Recommended every 12 to 18 months, depending on use

Includes all of the above work, plus...

Frame & Forks
• Frame cleaned and checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned and checked
• Frame and Disc mounts faced (if applicable)

• Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled

• Removed, cleaned, regreased (if applicable), refitted & checked for movement (replacement fitted if necessary)*

Bottom Bracket
• Removed, cleaned, regreased (if applicable), refitted & checked for movement (replacement fitted if necessary)*

All Other Components
• Removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated
• New cable set fitted* See 'podcast'
• New grips/bar tape fitted*
*Excludes cost of parts
Possible Extended Service Extras Prices applicable when booked with a Extended Service only
• £ 5.00* - Tyre fitting (each) See 'podcast'
• £12.50* - Disc brake bleeding (each)
• £20.00* - Disc brake bleeding (pair)
*Exludes cost of parts

Suspension Servicing

Includes cost of seals and oil. Any other parts required will incur additional charges although no further labour charge.
**Additional £25.00 charge if fork/rear shock requires removal and refitting to the bike. If fork and rear shock are serviced together there is only the single £25.00 charge.

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Standalone Jobs

• £ 5.00* - Replace inner tube See 'podcast'
• £ 5.00* - Replace tyre See 'podcast'
• £10.00* - Replace inner tube - Specialist wheels
• £10.00* - Wheel True (Plus £1.00 labour charge for each spoke replaced)
• £ 7.50* - Front Wheel Assembly (Fitting rim tape, tyre and tube)
• £10.00* - Front Wheel Assembly & Fitting (Fitting rim tape, tyre, tube and adjusting brakes)
• £10.00* - Rear Wheel Assembly (Fitting cassette, rim tape, tyre and tube)
• £15.00* - Rear Wheel Assembly & Fitting (Fitting cassette, rim tape, tyre, tube and adjusting brakes and gears)
• £10.00* - Hub Service (per hub)
• £27.50 - Wheel Build (per wheel) (Includes double butted spokes. Specialist spokes extra)

*** Specialist wheels - hub gears etc £20.00

Other Services
• £12.50* - Disc Brake Bleeding (each)
• £20.00* - Disc Brake Bleeding (pair)
• FREE - Safety Check
• £15.00* - Headset (Includes frame preparation)
• £15.00* - Bottom Bracket (Includes frame preparation)

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Accessory Fitting Charges Usually free if part of new bike purchase

• £25.00* - Suspension Fork (£12.50 if fitted at the time of fork purchase)
• £10.00* - Full Mudguard Sets
• £ 7.50* - Clip-On Mudguard Sets
• £ 7.50* - Computer (£5.00 extra for Cadence/Flightdeck style)
• £ 7.50* - Lights (Individual or set)
• £ 7.50* - Rack
• £ 5.00* - Saddle/Seat Post
• £10.00* - Grips/Bar tape
• £ 5.00* - Lock
• £ 5.00* - Pump
• £5.00* - Bottle Cage
• £5.00* - Pedals
• £7.50* - Cleats
*Excludes cost of parts