Mountain bike is a general term for some very specific types of bike - freeride, off-road, downhill, slalom, trials or cross country. The heart of the bike is the frame and materials used range from steel, aluminium, carbon and latterly magnesium and may have optional front suspension, aka 'hardtail' or front and rear suspension aka 'full' or 'dual' suspension. Likened to a car, suspension keeps the wheels on the ground to increase traction and therefore control but also cushions the rider from the sudden impact of obstacles such as tree roots on a forest path or rocks on a mountain path. Technically, suspension makes the bike easier to control and reduces fatigue. Braking is achieved by one of 3 main methods, drum brakes, disc brakes ( hydraulic or mechanical - cable ) or the use of pads eg 'v' brakes, caliper or cantilever.

Mountain bikes are one of the most popular bikes sold by Factory Direct Bikes, and generally generally differ in price depending on the quality of frame material and components. However, Factory Direct bikes will always ensure great value for all our mountain bikes. Many mountain bikes now feature disc-brakes and a variety of gears for the most thorough and enjoyable riding experience. All mountain bikes sold at Factory Direct Bikes can be delivered throughout the UK. For any queries or assistance, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

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